Evolutionary Cognition Lab

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People in the Lab

Dr Darren Burke 

Lab Head and Associate Professor in the School of Psychology, Ourimbah campus of the University of Newcastle.

I did my BSc (hons) and PhD at the University of Sydney under the supervision of Professor Peter Wenderoth. 

I have previously held academic positions at the University of Wollongong and Macquarie University.

Lab PhD students

Danielle Wagstaff

PhD examining the effect of natural variations in gonadal hormone levels on intersexual interactions and mate choice decisions/preferences. 

Co-supervised by Bill Budd at UoN and Dani Sulikowski at CSU

Kalyce Howard

PhD examining the role of physiological arousal and context in making social judgements based on other people's faces.

Co-supervised by Bill Budd at UoN

Johanne Knowles

PhD examining the effect of early-life influenced life history strategy on short- and long-term decision making.

Co-supervised  by Dani Sulikowski at CSU and Bill Budd at UoN

Paul Strutt 

PhD examining the relationships between social anxiety, social competence and face-processing abilities/strategies.

Co supervised by Linda Campbell at UoN

Jacob Dye
PhD examining Psychopathy as a frequency-dependent social "strategy" 

Co-supervised  by Dani Sulikowski at CSU

Carly Tredway

PhD examining the role of gonadal hormones in the development of adolescent depression

PhD students associated with the lab

Danielle Piepers

Phd investigating the impact of dynamic facial stimuli on holistic processing.

Supervised by Dr Rachel Robbins at UWS )co-supervised by Darren)

Christy Jones

Clinical Phd investigating face processing and social interactions in mothers suffering from post-natal depression.

Supervised by Dr Linda Campbell (co-supervised by Darren)